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Child maintenance calculator

Our calculator will provide you with a rough guide to how much child maintenance you may be asked to pay or might expect to receive based on the rules for the 2003 (current) scheme.

This calculator does not apply to child maintenance calculated using 1993 (old) scheme rules.

You will find a calculator here to help you work out your weekly net income

Does the non resident parent receive any benefits?

How the CSA works out child maintenance

The amount of child maintenance worked out by our calculator is intended for guidance only and may be different from the child maintenance that we worked out and asked a non-resident parent to pay, or the amount that has been agreed in court as part of a consent order. This should not be used as grounds for appealing against our decision or for asking a court to change a consent order.

As well as child maintenance calculated before 2003, there are a number of other circumstances which are not covered by the calculator. These include: