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You can only request an initial or renewal certificate using this e-service if:

  • you are the compensator or you represent the compensator dealing with the compensation claim, and
  • the claim details have already been registered with CRU on form CRU1, and
  • you have told CRU about your interest in the claim.

If you request a certificate for a claim that has not been registered with CRU, the request will be treated as invalid.

If your company already has electronic links with CRU, please do not use this e-service.

Only request a certificate if:

  • you do not have a valid certificate, or
  • a previous certificate has expired and you are ready to settle the claim.

If your reference number has changed, please contact us before using this e-service.

You must complete all the fields accurately before we can issue a certificate to you. Please provide your direct contact phone number ,including dialling code. This will enable us to contact you if we have any queries about your e-service transaction.

If you realise you have sent the wrong details, please contact us.


The representative of the injured person cannot request a certificate. If you represent the injured person, please write to us or phone us. To obtain details of benefits and or lump sums paid, please tell us the injured person’s full name, date of birth and CRU reference number, if known.

What happens next

When we receive a valid request, we will issue a certificate within 28 days. If you do not receive a response within 28 days, please contact us.

We will automatically send a copy of our reply to the injured person or their representative.

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