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Notifying the result of a claim – CRU102

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You can only submit settlement details using this e-service if:

  • you are the compensator or you represent the compensator dealing with the compensation claim, and
  • the claim details have already been registered with CRU on form CRU1, and
  • you have told CRU about your interest in the claim.

If your company already has electronic links with CRU, please do not use this e-service.

It is essential that you notify us of the results of claims. You should always notify us if a compensation payment is made. You should never close your file without returning the settlement information to CRU, even if no payments have been made to the injured person.

Please make sure that you provide the correct date relevant to the claim result. You can find more information about settlement dates in our Z1 guide.

If your reference number has changed, please contact us before using this e-service.

Please provide your direct contact phone number, including dialling code. This will enable us to contact you if we have any queries about your e-service transaction.

If you realise you have sent the wrong details, please contact us.

What happens next

We will not contact you if:

  • you have notified us of a claim result and a certificate is already in issue, or
  • your claim result was withdrawn or repudiated.

We will send you a certificate within 28 days if:

  • you have notified us of a settlement, and
  • you do not hold a valid certificate for the date of settlement.

If you do not receive a certificate within 28 days, please contact us.

Within 14 days of settlement you should arrange to pay CRU any amounts you owe in respect of benefits and or lump sums paid or NHS charges incurred. Make cheques payable to Department for Work and Pensions and cross them. Please include the CRU reference number on any documents sent with the payment.

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