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We have provided unique keyboard commands, known as access keys, for the most commonly used links, so that people using this e-service can quickly jump to those links from any place on a page. Access keys for the Compensation Recovery Unit e-service are:

0 – Menu page of access keys (opens the help)

1 – DWP home page

b – Back button

c – Continue button

For example, to use the 'continue' button, select Alt - C (on a Macintosh, select Control - C). This puts the focus on the 'continue' button. Then select "Enter" to activate the 'continue' button.

Accessibility policy

The Department for Work and Pension's accessibility policy is consistent with the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) Web Accessibility Initiative (W3C-WAI) guidelines. The steps taken to make the Compensation Recovery Unit e-service accessible to as many people as possible follow the "Web Content Accessibility Guideline 1.0" recommendation of May 5th 1999 specified by the W3C. We have followed all Priority 1 guidelines that apply to the Compensation Recovery Unit e-service.


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List of help topics